The film is part of an ongoing interaction involving two filmmakers from India and Germany. Both filmmakers embark on a journey starting from their own locations, in search of scenes of overlapping identities in the context of the two nations. The film is structured around video scribbles exchange between the filmmakers. The concept of ‘here’ and ‘there’ form the central part of the investigation. At which point does ‘there’ become ‘here’?

Reference: photo albums, travel documents, postcards, cabin baggage

Index: arrival, departure, wars, food, abode, language, matrimony

Sites: Memory, desire

Commissioned as part of the Import / Export: Cultural Transfer India, Germany, Austria  programme.

Madhusree Dutta, Philip Scheffner

Camera: Avijit Mukul Kishore, Micz Flor, Philip scheffner

Editing: Philip scheffner, Shyamal Karmakar




© 2005 Madhusree Dutta