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Madhusree Dutta

Moloy Roy


Namita Nayak

Sujata Narula

Flavia Agnes, Neera Adarkar


As a sequel to demolition of Babri masjid in December 1992, majoritarianism in India turned its attention to its own citizens. The communal riots that followed reduced Bombay into two distinct communities and  also created an  underclass of citizens of the Muslim minority. In this context, I Live in Behrampada traces the history of a Muslim ghetto which was first inhabitated soon after the independence of the country and grew through the efforts of the  slum dwellers who turned the slimy marsh land into solid ground. But, in the  face of development, yesterday’s pathfinders have become today’s  interlopers.


Is the dividing line language, culture and religion or class?

Filmfare Award for Best Documentary, 1994
Second Best Film Award in International Video Fest, Trivandrum, 1995





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