The City and Cinema: twins in the large clan of wars, moving people and goods, technology-based modernity, and colonial and post-colonial identities of the 20th century. They have never been separated in a crowded fair, and so have never got a chance to rediscover each other at the peak of their youth and at the height of their adrenalin rush. Instead, they have spun a thicker plot in which to impersonate each other, hawk moulds off one another and, most importantly, lay down a set of signs to codify the other.

The relationship between the city and its cinema is imaginary yet tactile, complementary and also ambivalent, momentary and still recyclable – in short, it speaks of a form and its apparition as well. Their relative size and perspective, however, remain fluid and interchangeable, often making the apparition seem much larger than the form itself.

Project Cinema City: Research Art and Documentary Practices is a collaborative endeavour in search of the joints between the form and its apparition, between the city and its cinema. The collaboration is modeled on contemporary, urban systems of post-industrial production: networks of assembling, processing, manufacturing, recycling … all independent and yet interdependent. The exhibition showcases works that are simultaneously products of research, collation, pedagogy, creativity, criticality, and then, an attempt at archiving. In this venture of inter-disciplinary collaboration the authors are many, but they are distinct and not faceless. We have attempted a methodology whereby each one’s work exists independently, and yet attains fullness and exuberance only in relation to the works of others.

Co-curator: Archana Hande





© 2013 Madhusree Dutta