Designed a series of annual workshops around multi-disciplinary, multi-centered cultural appraisal course for college students in Mumbai and Pune. Mid 90s when the nation was still reeling under the impact of the first grave and systematic attack on the pluralist culture of India, in the form of Babri Masjid demolition and the consequent communal riots, this course was designed to re-create an ambience of knowledge and production as against faith and reception. The week long workshops were designed as a hand-on exercise in academic and practices facilitated by the best of the academics and art practitioners of the country.

2001 Science as a Site of Culture
2000 Literature and Literary Practices
1999 Tales, Sites And Memory: History, Archeology and Architecture
1997 Modes of Perception in Performing Arts: Theatre, Music and Dance
1996 Ways of Seeing: Cinema, Painting and Architecture

Selected parts of the workshop proceedings were edited and published as
Sites and Practices: An Exercise in Cultural Pedagogy'.
Editors: Madhusree Dutta and Smriti Nevatia.



2013 Madhusree Dutta