The fourth World Social forum was held in Mumbai in January, 2004. It had additional significances: the first time the forum was held outside Brazil and it was the last part of the right wing BJP rule in India. The response to the forum, regarded as the only platform to mobilise various movements and initiatives against globalisation with a world wide appeal, was euphoric, to say the least, in India. 130,000 people attended the forum. But what even more significant was the participation of the artists. 3000 artists from all over the world participated with their copy-left, easily reproducible public art works. The artist mobilisation, curatorial design and political and formal complexities displayed in WSF 2004 are regarded as bench mark in all future assembly of that scale. 

The project was executed by a group of artists and art groups who later form @Culture Network, India. Madhusree was the convenor of the committee.


2013 Madhusree Dutta