The cusp of post colonial and neo-colonial phases in countries of Africa and Asia is resulting in more and more people ‘moving’. In this time when the global village is a much applauded market phenomena, people’s physical movement in relation to space and its ownership has grown to be the nucleus of political realities. Migration, refugee, diaspora, exile, trafficking, slavery, captivity, and invasion – each poses myriad questions and also exposes the current world order. We aim to explore this phenomenon to its various roots, implications, overlaps, alteration and also the resistance to it. The programme will also witness inter-disciplinary dialogues among practitioners of various art forms, academics and activists as well as collaboration amongst groups and individuals from 18 countries.
Excerpt from press conference address.

Collaborators: @culture, India (a network of Majlis, Magic Lantern Foundation, Point of View and Independent Artists); Centre for Creative Arts, Durban; GoDown Art Centre, Nairobi and Kwani Trust, Nairobi.



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