Visiting Fellowships and Residencies: English Dept., Hyderabad Central University, 2007; Centre for South Asia Studies, UC Berkley, 2007; School of Women’s Studies, Jadavpur University; 2008; Korean National University of Arts, 2010; Arsenal – Institute of Film and Video Art Berlin, 2011; Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney, 2011; Member of Academy of World Art (Akademy der Kunst der Welt), Cologne, 2012 onwards.

Madhusree is a filmmaker; also a curator and pedagogue. Though visual culture is the key to her works, inter-disciplinary initiatives and multi-linguality in representations frame her myriad engagements. An alumni of Jadavpur University, Kolkata and National School of Drama, New Delhi she currently lives in Mumbai.

Madhusree Dutta is the founder and executive director of Majlis, a centre for rights discourse and multi-disciplinary art initiatives in Mumbai, India. The centre is engaged in cultural literacy, contemporary practices of archiving, mobilising artists around political articulations, and in producing texts, plays, films and multidisciplinary art works.

Born in the industrial town of Jameshedpur, Madhusree has always been attracted towards the spatial and cultural labyrinths of the urban milieu. Migration and movement surfacing through various fluid cultural notes - railways as a metaphor for those conjunctions; feminisation process of the urban poor, communalisation of the identities, classification of resources and all contemporary forms to represent that status quo; transgressions of all kinds and forms at various scales engage and inform Madhusree’s works.

Filmmaking, theatre, visual arts, text productions; students’ movement, feminist movement, movement against communalism, movement for democratisation of art practices; cultural literacy, art pedagogy; interfaces between genres, movements and disciplines form the trajectories of Madhusree’s journey.

Retrospectives of Madhusree’s works were held in NGBK art gallery, Berlin in 2001; International women’s film festival, Trivandrum in 2005, Feminnale, Koln in 2006, Madurai Short Film Festival in 2007 and Persistent Resistance Film Festival, New Delhi in 2008.

Her film ‘7 Islands and a Metro’ has the distinction to be one of the first Indian non-fiction films to be commercially released.She has also served as member of the jury in various international film festivals.


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